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average weekly target:
750 USD
average monthly target:
3000 USD

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TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS platform offers favorable conditions of cooperation for partners, which will allow you to significantly increase your capital. We are an innovative company, which has been working with partners for several years. The extensive development of our company required the opening of the online platform, which allows working with partners from around the world. We appreciate your support and continue our active development, aimed at multiplying your wealth and well-being. TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS works for you, offering unique opportunities.

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Partnership Bonus

You can additionally get bonus on an affiliate program of the project calculation is up to 10% of the shares of your referrals:

Up to10%

Promotional Bonus

Become a representative and get bonus Equity based from the partner contributions:

Up to10%
  • 10% Bonus Equity



We are a modern company with an innovative sphere of earnings, which can multiply your capital. When it comes to Innovativeness, our company employs the best innovative solutions and most technologically advanced discoveries in the field of the forex market trading.


The uncompromising nature of the return is provided by the high liquidity of our whole business and skillful company management. It is a good start for new achievements. This allows you to increase the productivity of trading results by times.


We were able to increase revenue of TFT by several times which allow us to work more efficiently and flawlessly. Global demand for forex market guarantees the reliability of our cooperation with our partners. Stability and security of Share Capital. Simply reliable.


We offer partners a unique system of passive income, which does not require extra costs or specific knowledge. You will receive your dividends, either every month or every week, which counts as 5 days of the week.


We have created a secure multifunctional Internet service through which you can make deposits and withdraw profits to the account of the payment system, in the comfort of your home. We provide for you with comfortable and fully passive income with TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS.


TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS, as the official company fully guarantees the quality of service and security of financial transactions and calculations. You can be sure that your data is safe, and only you have access to your personal account and deposits in the system.

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