Official Representatives

TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS - an international project, which attracts investors from all over the world. Therefore, we develop not only a network of partners, but also to involve representatives of cooperation by offering them increased remuneration.

Representative Commission

Representatives - are the official partners of the project, which will not only attract new users but also engaged in the popularization of the project, talk about the benefits of TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS and help new entrants in the first investment steps. Representatives are invited to conditions of increased partnership reward up to 14% of the deposits of downline members:

Up to14%
  • 10% - First Level
  • 2.5% - Second Level
  • 1.5% - Third Level
  • Who can become a representative of TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS project?

    The representative may be any registered member of the project, which showed interest in further development of the site by the sum of the deposit, or a partner, a referral structure of which invests actively in TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS. Investors who do not have a personal account in the system, or have not yet had time to make a deposit cannot become a representative. In addition, a partner who wishes to obtain official status must be knowledgeable in working with the project, its rules, investment conditions, required to understand development trends and be able to convey this information to the downline partners.

  • How to become a representative of TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS project?

    If you match the requirements for candidacy of TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS representative, then all that is necessary - it is to apply. To do this, write to the project representative support. On email specify all the required data. like your full name, username, contact information, country, language you speak, social accounts etc as much information as you can provide, Your application will get to us for review, and if you do qualify the requirements, you will be given an official status. Please note that all applications are processed manually and it may take some time - usually you do have to wait for a response for more than 3 days, and you will be able to appreciate the advantages of representative status from personal experience.



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We offer partners a unique system of passive income, which does not require extra costs or specific knowledge. You will receive your dividends, either every month or every week, which counts as 5 days of the week.


We have created a secure multifunctional Internet service through which you can make deposits and withdraw profits to the account of the payment system, in the comfort of your home. We provide for you with comfortable and fully passive income with TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS.


TRUSTED FOREX TRADERS, as the official company fully guarantees the quality of service and security of financial transactions and calculations. You can be sure that your data is safe, and only you have access to your personal account and deposits in the system.

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